Friday, April 02, 2021

Kvetching about "cardboard:" Pesach can be a problem for those with digestive problems

If you think *wheat* matzah tastes like cardboard, you should try gluten-free *oat* matzah!  :( 

I'd love to follow the ruling of the Conservative Movement's Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Law and Standards that it's permissible for Ashkenazi Jews to eat kitniyot.  But my late mother was always very hesitant to bring new foods into her kosher-for-Passover kitchen, even after kosher-for-Passover versions became available, because she believed quite strongly that Passover food was *supposed to* be different.  Since I can't eat wheat all year round, what's to distinguish Passover from the rest of the year for me--Ma nishtana *ha-ochel* ha-zeh . . . (How is this *food* different . . .)?--if I eat rice and kasha/buckwheat as always?  It can get annoying, and even painful, to eat no baked goods other than gluten-free oat matzah and potato-starch-based crackers and goodies when that kind of matzah tastes terrible and white potatoes aggravate my arthritis.  Thank goodness--and/or South American Indigenous People(s)--for quinoa!  I love a good Seder, but I'd be happy to skip Chol HaMoed Pesach and the last day(s) of Pesach altogether.  :(  Oh, well, what's another few days of "cardboard" between friends.  :)


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